The result of a market study carried out by Marine Assets Corporation and Fujian Mawei SY, the aim was to create a compact, cost effective Multi Purpose Supply Vessel, which could be used in a variety of roles to support offshore operations.

Dimensions of 86m LOA x 20m Beam, with 5000 BHP driving the 2 Azimuth 360 deg stern thrusters and 2 x 880 kW bow thrusters, all controlled by DPS-2 Having a dwt of 5300t @ design draft of 6.4m. She can carry 2000t on a deck which supports a 2.5t cargo rail crane.

With under deck capacities of 1000 M/3 Fuel - 750 M/3 of fresh / drill water - 420 M\3 dry bulk - 1350 M\3 mud, and supporting 82 POB. with installed Fi Fi class 1.2 and a 15 man FRC, she truly lives up to her expectations as a multi-role support vessel.

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