MAC Motel


A compromise between a large CSS accommodation with a little more capacity than a conventional workboat.

The newly designed 89mtr MAC MOTEL features 240 beds, a hull based on a mono hull design, a crane and heli deck as well as as walk to work gangways. The Motels will be the first OSV's to be delivered with the revolutionary OMPECO Garbage Converter system, which reduces garbage volumes by up to 80% whilst removing the moisture content resulting in a dry, sterile odorless material called RDF which can be stored for Months without degrading, removing operational headaches for the operations team.The MAC MOTEL will also be fitted with a new POB tracking and mustering system supplied by EPIC both on the vessel and Gangway. The system tracks POB movements on and around the vessel in real time. In an emergency evacuation, POB's can be accounted for the instance they board a lifeboat and more importantly, missing personnel are identified and their last location relayed back to the evacuation and rescue teams.

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