Problems with garbage on offshore oil rigs and similar facilities continues to be a huge problem. Governments globally are tightening up on how this waste is dealt with. The MAC converter vessel (GCV) deals with the headache caused by rotting waste in overloaded skips on board oil and gas facilities.

The MAC, GCV is fitted with a state of the art waste management system taking raw garbage and processing it in a 30 minute cycle to deliver an end product that is dry, odourless, sterilised, compact and safe. The converter doesn't burn, or release gas. It reduces the the garbage volume by 70% and the weight by 30%. This in turn reduces your garbage collection bills by the same 70%.

Your platform is a safer, more hygienic place for all your POB's and the complaints about smelly rotting garbage will become a thing of the past.

Making offshore waste a thing of the past.

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