CSS Maintiner


Based on the same hull format as the already under construction CSS ACCOMMODATOR, a 500 man Semisubmersible Offshore Accommodation vessel.

Using the same hull form, Diesel Electric Power, Propulsion and DPS-3 systems, MAC has in conjunction with our designer STX, adapted the top sides to enable the 24/7 support of offshore renewable energy installations.

Based on the model tested hull form which enables a very stable platform from which to operate, MAC will install 100 single room cabins for passengers and 45 for crew and hotel services, all designed to the latest International Labor Organization guidelines, with en suite, internet and flat screen TV in every room.

This 5 start Flotel will offer the latest in offshore luxury for the harsh and extreme environments expected to be encountered for the round 3 next phase of the renewable development. The CSS MAINTAINER will also have installed a crane between 150t – 300t depending on client needs, a telescopic gangway to enable safe transfer of personnel in adverse weather, and carry between 2 to 4 infield utility vessels on the main deck for transport of small crews from the mothership to individual turbines.

CSS Zenith Images

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