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Offshore Support Services

A big concern for our clients when buying a new ship is warranty.

Because of the sheer amount of engineering and integration that goes into these vessels it is quite normal to get teething issues, these can extend to months or even years after the vessel delivers. Pretty much all new ships come with a 12 month warranty period. This concern is typified in cases like this: the buyer buys a vessel in China (where 80% of OSV’s are now built) and then sails the vessel to the Middle East to commence operations and there is a concern of maintaining the same support from the yard after the money has been handed over.

This is where we have a distinct advantage because we are not the shipyard, but we have been using the same yard for 12 years and we remain their best customer with a continual order book. The good relationship we enjoy with the yard allows us to negotiate exceptional support for the new owners.

This also filters down to the vendors of the various equipment as well; as we have a continual order book for engines, DP systems, electrical systems, pumps etc. there is support for buyers throughout and beyond the warranty period. And because we have our own offices in the yard, we have a direct line of communication to get things done efficiently and quickly.

So while the buyer will lodge a warranty claim with the yard, our team will remain in contact throughout, not only ensuring that the issue is dealt with swiftly but also transferring that knowledge to succeeding vessels to ensure there is not a reoccurrence.

To date we have delivered 36 ships from the Fujian Mawei Shipyard, and most of our team has been involved since the early days. This means that they are well versed with the vessels and the shipyards strengths and weaknesses, and because it's all in-house "new build supervision" by our own team we manage to keep a keen focus throughout the build and beyond.

Approximately 95% of shipyards world-wide do not have operational experience, they understand the concept of what the vessel intends to do but not necessarily comprehend how and why they do it. Whereas our management team are all seasoned operators of these kind of vessels, creating a circle of innovation and practicality.