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MAC’s new build vessel Hull No 301, 227m LOA x 40m Beam, PSV. (Production Support Vessel) progress assembly at Fujian Mawei shipbuilding Culu Island new shipyard. SE China.

With the installation of the bow block, which is made up of 3 separate blocks, weighing 480t in total, the main hull section nears completion. 

On completion Q1 2018, she will commence a 5y TC with Nautilus Minerals and become the first ever Deep Sea Mining Support Vessel.

Worlds First Sub Sea Mining Vessel Taking Shape in China Worlds First Sub Sea Mining Vessel Taking Shape in China (187 KB)


The first containerised garbage converter by Marine Assets Corporation (MAC) not only disposes of waste, but makes it 'disappear' altogether.

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Nautilus Minerals Inc. announces that its Board members were in attendance at the shipyard of Fujian Mawei Shipbuilding Ltd to see the progress that has been made on its Production Support Vessel (PSV). The PSV is to be chartered by Nautilus and its PNG partner, Eda Kopa (Solwara) Limited, from Marine Assets Corporation. It will serve as the base for its seafloor operations planned at the Solwara 1 Project, in the Bismarck Sea of Papua New Guinea. Geoff Loudon, Nautilus’ Chairman, commented, “It is very rewarding for me and my fellow Board members to be here today to meet the shipbuilders and see the impressive construction progress being made on the PSV. The shipyard 3D modelling for production drawings continues with the yard having already released 90 blocks (out of total 305) for steel-cutting and assembly has commenced on 21 blocks. To date over 10% of the total steel cut has been completed which includes the cutting of 8 full blocks. This is amazing work that has been achieved and I look forward to December 2017 when we expect to take delivery of the vessel to enable us to commence our seafloor operations in Q1 2018.” Source: Nautilus Minerals

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X Deep Sea Mining (DSM) Sea Floor Production (SFP) New terminology for new opportunities.

November 2014 saw the signing of a contract between Nautilus Minerals Inc. (TSX:NUS, OTCQX: NUSMF) and Marine Assets Corporation (MAC) for the lump sum turnkey construction with a five year charter on delivery for a large offshore construction vessel to be utilized for the first world wide sub sea mining operations on the Solwra 1 JV project.

The vessel will be built at Fujian Mawei Shipbuilding China's oldest shipyard with a proud, 150 year heritage.

Mawei has kept in step with advancing technology, and with the full completion of their new SY in 2017, will possess Dry Dock facilities for vessels in excess of 270m LOA, the dock being 82m wide by 280m long, being spanned by a 700t gantry crane. Mawei are no strangers to high tech DPS-2/3 vessels having already delivered over 25 for MAC alone, which include MAC’s unique design Compact Semi Sub (CSS) Accommodation Vessels.

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Current progress on the vessel which is 227m long by 40m wide with installed power of 30 Mw. Design is on-going with Sea-tech Solutions, Singapore, who are in liaison with ABS. as the chosen classification society.

High-level technical meetings have been held with prospective vendors for delivery of the Diesel Electric Power Distribution System, and an order is expected to be placed in the coming weeks. The Engines and Thruster package has been awarded to Rolls Royce, who will deliver the 6 x 5000Kw main engines and 3 x 3000Kw azimuth stern thrusters, along with 2 x 3500Kw Drop Down azimuth bow thrusters and 2 x 2000Kw tunnel thrusters.

Discussions are on-going with other vendors for procurement of DP system – Knuckle Boom cranes and all the other ancillary equipment required for a vessel of this level of sophistication. Both MAC and Nautilus are happy with progress to date, and pleased to report the 36 month build programme is on schedule.


Marine Assets Corporation is very pleased to announce the successful launch by the undocking of our 4th Compact SemiSub (CSS) which will be named Themis, following on from the Olympia and Venus. She will proceed to the jetty for final outfitting and commencement of commissioning, prior to sailing for sea trials towards the end of December. In the meantime as can be seen in the picture, the CSS Venus, the 3rd CSS in the production schedule, can be seen leaving for sea trials. Overall MAC has a build program for 7 CSS, with Olympia already delivered and working in Brazil. Venus and Themis will deliver Dec 14 and Feb 15. While the balance 3 will complete by Sept 15 - Sept 16 and May 17. MAC is now finalising orders for more in series CSS vessels.


19th September, Constanta, Romania, official blessing of vessels and crew, followed by the naming ceremony for 3 MMC 887s built by Marine Assets Corp (MAC) at Fujian Mawei Shipyard

MMC 887

The first in class 60m MAC/MAWEI in-house designed MPSV sails for sea trials. The vessel is the result of a market study carried out by Marine Assets Corporation and Fujian Mawei SY, The aim was to create a compact cost effective Multi Purpose Supply Vessel, which could be used in a variety of roles to support offshore operations. Dimensions of 59.6m LOA x 15.2m Beam, with 5000 BHP driving the 2 Azimuth 360 deg stern thrusters and 2 x 450 kW bow thrusters, all controlled by DPS-2 Having a dwt of 1500t @ design draft of 4.8m, she can increase dwt to 1750 @ 5m draft. She can carry 700t on a deck which is already pre stiffened and ready to receive unto a 50t marine pedestal crane. With under deck capacities of 532 M/3 Fuel - 970 M/3 of fresh / drill water - 180 M\3 dry bulk - 390 M\3 mud, and supporting 50 POB. with installed Fi Fi class 1 and a 15 man FRC, she truly lives up to her expectations of a multi roll support vessel. The first in class is already agreed sold on delivery to a ME company, with the second expected to follow her by Q4 2014. 2 more sisters are under construction for delivery Q3 2015. MAC is also developing a Garbage Converter Vessel based on this design, which will have the ability to receive full rubbish skips on deck, and transfer below deck for processing raw garbage into inert material with a 70% volume reduction and a 30% weight reduction. The Garbage processing below deck, is based on the Italian OMPECO designed Garbage Converter technology. Further details expected to be released by Sept 2014.


A Unique picture of MAC production in Partner shipyard Fujian Mawei, S.E China This is a unique picture showing the production process of 3 x CSS vessel's in continuation. 1) In the foreground can be seen the CSS Themis in the early stages of assembly. 2) Towards the end of the DryDock can be seen the CSS Venus which will be launched in mid May 3) On the quay wall in the final stages of completion is the BSC CSS 1, which will be delivered in July 2014. 4) Stanford Mustang can be seen in the dry dock on the right. (Already launched during April 14) 5) Slight view of MAC hull 619-43 behind the CSS Venus 6) On the left can be seek all the building block assembly to support the ship Building assembly line. MAC currently has 25 OSV' s under contract and due for delivery between May 2014 and September 2016 You will have to zoom in on the photo.


28th April 2014, MAC are pleased to announce the recent signing of 4 new build OSV contracts with Fujian Mawei Ship Yard. SE China. Valued at $125m (Includes some OFE ) This will bring the current MAC order book to 25 vessels, due delivery between May 2014 and June 2016, Ranging in size and specification from 60m PSV's up to 500 man Flotels. The recent signing was for 2 additional 60m PSV's, to follow on from the successful launch of the current 2 which will deliver July 2014, Also 2 Newly designed 89m MAC MOTEL's which will feature 240 beds, Crane and Walk to Work Gangways. The Motels will be the first OSV's to be delivered with the revolutionary OMPECO Garbage Convertor, which reduces garbage in volume by 70% and converts to inert sterile dust. Thereby reducing one big headache for operations. Also to be installed is the EPIC POB Monitoring system, which will electronically track POB, both on the vessel, and across the gangway, so enabling the Master to know the exact whereabouts of ship based personal at any given time, an invaluable solution during an emergency muster.

MAC signs contracts

29th April 2014. MAC / Mawei Shipyard is please to announce the successful launching on the Stanford Mustang, a 50m AHT with a special low air draft design, to enable the safe passage below the bridges that connect the offshore installations. The Stanford Mustang is a MMC 950 design, and will commence a long term Contract in the ME on delivery June 2014. This vessel demonstrates MAC ability to take specific client requirements, tailor the design and co ordinate a timely and cost effective delivery to the new owner.

Stanford Mustang

15th April 2014 - MAC is pleased to announce the successful launch of the first in a series of 60m DPS-2 PSV, at our partner Ship Yard, Fujian Mawei, located in S.E.China. The MAC - MAWEI designed 60m PSV follows on from a series of 9 x 58m PSV's build by MAC over the last 8 years, 6 of which were sold to Stanford Marine in Dubai, where they have been gainfully employed ever since. The new 60m version takes into account all the latest rules and regulation to satisfy Class and flag State's requirements. The vessel is built to ABS later rules and will be classed as ABS A1, (E) Offshore Support VESSEL, FFV-1, SPS, AMS, DPS-2, With 50 man accommodation and an under deck stiffened and prepared to receive a marine crane the 60m design is a very versatile contender, having all the usual under deck fuel - water and bulk capabilities. MAC is seeing interest in these vessels from the ME - SEA and South America regions. A Youtube link of the launch is available at


Marine Assets Corporation Ltd, Press Release 20th January 2014- Lancaster Hotel London, OSJ Gala Dinner during which the “industry Oscars” OSJ Awards for 2014 were announced to the assembled guests. Having been shortlisted in the ‘Offshore Support Vessel of the Year’ category, Marine Assets Corporation Ltd (MAC) were elated and honoured to receive the award for the CSS Olympia at the ceremony. The CSS Olympia is a DP3 84m Compact Semi-Submersible 430 man Flotel. The vessel was designed by STX Marine Vancouver and built by Fujian Mawei Shipbuilding, SE China, and represents the first in a series of seven units due for delivery over the next 2 years. The CSS Olympia, having been delivered on 20th January 2014, is currently enroute to Brazil where her new owners, Gran Energy of Brazil anticipate her arrival in early April to immediately start a long term charter with Petrobas. The vessel’s seven year development from concept through to the latter stages of the three year construction cycle has been a true labour of love for several of the key personnel involved- and none more so than the CEO of MAC, Robin Reeves. Upon receiving the award on behalf of all those involved, Reeves expressed his thanks to all those who believed in the project and stated the vessel design would be a real “game changer” in future offshore operations with the provision of a cost effective solution for offshore accommodation, with variants of the hull base possible to capitalize on other areas of the offshore world.

Vessel of the year award

21st January 2014, Fujian Mawei, S.E China. Marine Assets Corporation Ltd, deliver the first CSS Accommodation vessel to the new owner Gran Energy, of Brazil. At a ceremony held on the key side the vessel was formally handed over and Gran Energy of Brazil, who then took the opportunity to preforme the official naming for the vessels CSS OLYMPIA, adopted by Clarice Garcia, as the Godmother. Two further CSS Accommodation variants are under construction CSS VENUS & CSS THEMIS due for delivery later this year.

First CSS delivered First CSS delivered (1115 KB)


On 16 September the first MM75-3500 vessel successfully sailed away from Mawei, on-route to East Africa for her first deployment for her new owners Pacific Crest of Singapore.


The launching ceremony for the first MM75-3500, 75M DP2, PSV was launched on 8th May 2013. This is a newly designed vessel with considerable input from MAC whilst it was still on the drawing board.


Recently Acquired by MAC Offshore for installation onto one of the MMC 887s currently under construction in China. MAC is converting a MMC 887 PSV into an Accommodation / ROV / Work boat, with unto 200 beds. and a large clear deck area. Pic shows the recent movement on the quayside in preparation to loading onto heavy lift vessel for shipment to China

TTS 100t AHC KBC ex Normand Flower

MARINE ASSETS CORPORATION (MAC Offshore) is pleased to announce the successful launching of the CSS OLYMPIA at the Liya Pingtan Shipyard, a yard under the management of Fujian Mawei Shipbuilding in Fujian Province, Peoples Republic of China. The contract was signed in April 2010, and delivery is due in Nov 2013. The launching of the first accommodation variant of the COMPACT SEMI SUB (CSS), marked a significant milestone in seven year history of the design and development of the program. Block assembly was carried out in Liya Ship Yards Dry Dock, meaning the launching was made effective by the flooding of the Dry Dock and floating out of the CSS OLYMPIA The ceremony was attended by MAC and Shipyard senior management, along with guests from supporting banks, and brokers. With additional accompaniment from the vessel’s new owners, Graal Invest of Brazil.During a speech given at the launching ceremony MAC CEO, Mr. Robin Reeves, announced the recent signing for four further CSS Vessels, due for delivery between August 2014 and Oct 2015, The 4 contracts signed with Fujian Mawei, at the shipyard head office on the 14th March 2013, is reported to be the largest single order received by Mawei in their 150 years history. The total contract value was not disclosed, but Mr. Reeves advised the market value of these 4 vessels on delivery would be in the region of $500m USD. MAC is a private shareholding company with offices in Dubai and Singapore. MAC focus’s its efforts and expertise on OSV new build projects and currently have over 20 new build vessels under their management and control.


Marine Asset Corporation (MAC) announces the recent signing of new build contract for the construction of a 500 man Compact Semi Sub Accommodation Vessel - CSS ACCOMODATOR. Marine Asset Corporation (MAC), the company established to hold the share interest in the CSS design concept previously held by Minnow Marine Projects Limited (MMPL)- a company sold to the GMMOS Group in the UAE during Dec 2009. When MMPL was sold, the new owners were keen to focus on their core businesses of AHTS’s, PSV’s and crew boats. Hence MMPL’s investment in the CSS did not fit in with the business plan of the new owners and this necessitated the creation of a new company, to hold the already substantial interest and take the investment forward to the next phase. The CSS Concept has taken 5 years to get to today’s position; from the original concept sketched on A4 paper, to the MODU coded design of today which will change the way the offshore industry works. MAC is pleased to advise the contract for construction has been signed and became effective as of the 3rd May 2010, with a projected delivery of December 2012.

MAC announces signing

Based on the same hull format as the already under construction CSS ACCOMMODATOR a 500 man Semisubmersible Offshore Accommodation vessel. Using the same Hull form, Diesel Electric Power, Propulsion and DPS-3 systems, MAC has in conjunction with our designer STX, adapted the top sides to enable the 24/7 support of offshore renewable energy installations. Based on the model tested hull form which enables a very stable platform from which to operate, MAC will install 100 single room cabins for passengers and 45 for crew and hotel services, all designed to the latest International Labor Organization guidelines, with en suit, internet and flat screen TV in every room. This 5 start Flotel will offer the latest in offshore luxury for the harsh and extreme environments expected to be encountered for the round 3 next phase of the renewable development. The CSS SEEBREEZE will also have installed a crane between 150t – 300t depending on client needs, a telescopic gangway to enable safe transfer of personnel in adverse weather, and carry between 2 to 4 infield utility vessels on the main deck for transport of small crews from the mothership to individual turbines. For further details visit.