The first in class 60m MAC/MAWEI in-house designed MPSV sails for sea trials.

10-Aug-2014 to 10-Aug-2014

The first in class 60m MAC/MAWEI in-house designed MPSV sails for sea trials. The vessel is the result of a market study carried out by Marine Assets Corporation and Fujian Mawei SY, The aim was to create a compact cost effective Multi Purpose Supply Vessel, which could be used in a variety of roles to support offshore operations. Dimensions of 59.6m LOA x 15.2m Beam, with 5000 BHP driving the 2 Azimuth 360 deg stern thrusters and 2 x 450 kW bow thrusters, all controlled by DPS-2 Having a dwt of 1500t @ design draft of 4.8m, she can increase dwt to 1750 @ 5m draft. She can carry 700t on a deck which is already pre stiffened and ready to receive unto a 50t marine pedestal crane. With under deck capacities of 532 M/3 Fuel - 970 M/3 of fresh / drill water - 180 M\3 dry bulk - 390 M\3 mud, and supporting 50 POB. with installed Fi Fi class 1 and a 15 man FRC, she truly lives up to her expectations of a multi roll support vessel. The first in class is already agreed sold on delivery to a ME company, with the second expected to follow her by Q4 2014. 2 more sisters are under construction for delivery Q3 2015. MAC is also developing a Garbage Converter Vessel based on this design, which will have the ability to receive full rubbish skips on deck, and transfer below deck for processing raw garbage into inert material with a 70% volume reduction and a 30% weight reduction. The Garbage processing below deck, is based on the Italian OMPECO designed Garbage Converter technology. Further details expected to be released by Sept 2014.