MAC Production

14-May-2014 to 14-May-2014

A Unique picture of MAC production in Partner shipyard Fujian Mawei, S.E China This is a unique picture showing the production process of 3 x CSS vessel's in continuation. 1) In the foreground can be seen the CSS Themis in the early stages of assembly. 2) Towards the end of the DryDock can be seen the CSS Venus which will be launched in mid May 3) On the quay wall in the final stages of completion is the BSC CSS 1, which will be delivered in July 2014. 4) Stanford Mustang can be seen in the dry dock on the right. (Already launched during April 14) 5) Slight view of MAC hull 619-43 behind the CSS Venus 6) On the left can be seek all the building block assembly to support the ship Building assembly line. MAC currently has 25 OSV' s under contract and due for delivery between May 2014 and September 2016 You will have to zoom in on the photo.